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"Fastener industry seminar " hold successfully in Shenzhen
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On August 7 afternoon, hong KongScrewTrade association was held successfully in Shenzhen Hua Nacheng " seminar of trend of price of fastener industry data, development " activity. Rise ceaselessly in view of metallic stuff price, price of fastener raw material is climbed ceaselessly litre, eletroplate and each respect raises finished cost considerably, fastener line of business faces enormous challenge. Hong KongScrewTrade association hopes to pass conduct this second activity, each other of the information inside stimulative course of study is connected, make fastener company grows a trend have to prospective industry clearer hold, discuss the new outlet of raw material application, provide communication platform for industry. This second activity attracted manufacturer of catenary of each fastener industry and connoisseur, with the raw material with fastener close together and relevant industrySupplyBusiness and media are aggregate 50 much people are attended.

This second activity divides big theme in all, include " prospective fastener takes situation analysis with price of steel steel products " , " super replace, below fastener trade new situation how pressure of cost of clever marry again " and " the application of fastener finishing technology " , part by Guangzhou Shen GangCommerceJu Longjin of city of limited company Mr Meng Chuntao, Fosan belongs to products limited company Mr Chen Jutian and Anmeite give a lecture of chemical limited company Mr Gao Junjian. Unconscious gentleman basically is mixed from macroscopical environment, international market, cost the element of prices of rolled steel of 4 big impacts makes supply and demand discuss, state price of prospective rolled steel will continue to rise. Mr Chen Jutian introduced Fosan city Ju Longjin to belong to the can reduce cost brand 201h of new development of products limited company to everybody. Mr Gao Junjian basically introduced to eletroplate the characteristic with coating technology respect.

After speech of honored guest of give a lecture ends, personage attending the meeting seeks advice actively to query of honored guest of give a lecture, honored guest of give a lecture has ask to answer surely, interactive mood is good. Finally, hong KongScrewChen Zhaowei of trade association chairman issues a souvenir to honored guest of give a lecture, the activity is in afternoon 5: The satisfactory full stop on 30 graduation.