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Disease of dense of fastener line of business must treat integrated aggravate We
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Recently, discover in investigation that guild of fastener of lukewarm state city is in pair of enterprises inside the industry, the fastener industry of many 3000 enterprises still is had 3 years ago, there are many 2000 only nowadays now. What company number declines is fast, make whole industry surprised. Dragon of Jiang Hui of standing deputy secretary-general says fastener guild, be rectified naturally and be meddlesome, the fastener industry progress that shows Wen Zhou is more healthy, the topological features is nicer also.
3 years ago, guild of lukewarm city fastener ever had made investigation to whole industry before hold water, the result shows entire industry many 3000 enterprise year total production value exceeds 10 billion yuan. Investigate discovery this, although measure of whole industry business drops,reach many 2000, but year the photograph before total production value and this is smaller than having however growth.
Time of 3 years, where did nearly 1000 companies go?
Ginger brightness dragon tells a reporter, all the time since, one of low, small, main features that coming loose is industry of lukewarm city fastener. Was 2006 in business of many 3000 fastener of whole town, having is company of domestic mill pattern partly greatly very. Average rent a house owned by a citizen has these small companies production, rely on to hit price war to gain a bit market. But, in recent years, because raw material price rises all the way, make small company cannot stand the ceaseless promotion of product cost; As the ceaseless dilate of lukewarm state city, more and more a house owned by a citizen need to tear open change, a lot of former the small company of hire a house owned by a citizen lost manufacturing site, these force the enterprise can close down only one part is smally. Of course, also discover in investigation, "Disappear " in nearly 1000 small companies, be gone to by conformity for the most part in the company with bigger dimensions.
Ginger brightness dragon says, the acute that counts as the enterprise is decreased, beneficial result of trade of lukewarm city fastener and situation are able to improve. Measure of false and inferior product decreases, low bendAnnulthe product also is decreasing ceaselessly, the pollution that more important is pair of environments is reduced greatly.
As we have learned, wen Zhou is one of base of country's at present biggest production of 3 big fastener, in installing city to the fastener of partial car a replacement is besides luck outside high-grade product, most enterprise produces in be being belonged to cheap product, its staple market also is in more home. In be in the low, small, condition that come loose all the time as a result of whole industry, without the low bend of forewordAnnulIn this industry nowhere is absent, false and inferior product is full of the incident of the market to also happen from time to tome, especially the pollution that the non-standard production of small company causes to environmental place is to be solved feebly more. Through industry conformity of 3 years, on 1000 small companies disappear in the industry, virtually, the force of the market solved the chronic illness of the industry.
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