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The industry standard such as 27 fastener wears town sea " country " word
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Recently, press down Hai Jiulong fastener to make limited company spread a good news again, this company participates in formulate " steel structure is used twist cut model high strenthBoltJoin deputy " national level is about to carry out, this already was the 5th country that this company participates in formulate, occupation standard, in still 8 are participating in formulate. Establish country, occupation standard through participating in, strive for industry speech authority, had become the consensus that seek of the enterprise that press down the sea develops greatly.

In recent years, town sea area already had 9 enterprises to participate in early or late established 27 countries, occupation standard, involve the trade such as motor of fastener, communication, hydraulic pressure, valve, food. Town sea pledges inspect substation says about the personage, participate in formulate country, occupation standard, it is the course that enterprise and expert discuss study, normative product, the company is well-known degree increase, competition ability rises, development of certain stimulative business, grab the market first machine. For this, town sea area carries out technical standard to urge the strategy, published relevant award policy, encourage what the enterprise participates in various standard to make (long) order.

Press down the act of standard of formulate of sea area enterprise, speech right was won in market competition for the enterprise. Limited company of valve of copper of beauty of Ning Bo dust stalking or branch already participated in the formulate of level of 12 industries, state in recent years. Participate in formulate standard, for dust beauty Ke Ying gets the person of the same trade inside course of study, fluctuation to swim of the enterprise approbate, company product wins the honorary title such as product of Chinese famous brand early or late, AnnulCarry out forehead grows every year with exceeding the rate of 20% . Last year, dust beauty stalks or branchAnnulCarry out income achieves 700 million yuan, become our country to the biggest copper valve is produced and export base. "9 dragon fastener " like waiting for enterprise and dust beauty Ke Gong department, also sampled the benefit of formulate standard. Nowadays, "9 dragon fastener " the product is the train of domestic only high speed that the railway ministry appoints " harmonious date " fastenerSupplyBusiness, company annual produce is added fast exceeded 40% , a few when developing new products fill home blank.