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Fastener demand puts delay enterprise ego to repair inning of be apt to
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Chinese car produced sales volume to mix five million one hundred and eighty-two thousand two hundred for five million one hundred and ninety-nine thousand six hundred respectively first half of the year 2008, grow compared to the same period 16.71% with 18.52% . Although the car always produces sales volume to still be in,grow, but with photograph of the corresponding period appeared than amplitude last year apparent fall after a rise. Additional, multiplied July with the car total output amounts to 524.948, with crop was compared 588.85 times June, drop 10.9 percent.

The blowout form that experiences as before car city a few years develops, sales volume of car fastener business also has apparent growth, profit also upsurges subsequently. But meanwhile, a few potential problems however also because of this auspicious situation was masked rise.

A car is by by tens of thousands spare parts composition, the close solid between each component is correct, having crucial effect to the safety of the car. In the discovery in the investigation that is not security accident to numerous car, because car fastener joins not firm and appear become loose, be out of line phenomenon, often make car cannot the correct operation travel according to the driver, malfunction of direction of occurrence such as, apply the brake breaks damage of accurate, engine, batholith certain assembly loses the phenomenon such as control. Actually, in a few with drive in the orgnaization that security concerns, car production architect is right the join dependability of these orgnaizations became sufficient consideration.

Car place uses fastener whorl deputy in making a process, already set if certain technical parameter locks up horn, rely on whorl deputy the coefficient of friction between prevents a pine, this kind of coefficient of friction just won't produce change below dead load only. The car shakes because of sufferring in travel, pound and change load action, whorl deputy the coefficient of friction between often appears to disappear for an instant or abate. Because again and again of this kind of circumstance appears, can make fastener threaded coupling becomes loose, loosen even.

For this, the join of whorl of car component fastener adopted a lot of measure that prevent a pine, if tighten force beforehand,prevent loose, spring steel mat loose, tailor-made lock up kind of whorl to wait a moment oneself. But, any preventing of measure of solid of degree of tightness carry out, must make according to the standard.

Supervisory bureau of national quality technology is opposite of bolt of car high strenth, nut supervise the discovery in selectiving examination, stability of quality of car fastener product greatly with quality of material composition, heat treatment spend dispersedly about. From heat treatment angle character, of quality of heat treatment product spend dispersedly big, can behave what organize for heat treatment is not stable, mechanical function wave motion is big, whorl deputy be out of shape random law. Its reason is main with equipment of raw material quality, heat treatment, heat treatment craft and craft parameter, the element such as business management level is concerned.
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