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Odd impawn of storehouse of sea salt chamber of commerce sees industry a pressin
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"Loan is borrowed do not come out, can do nothing about it, lack capital everywhere now, everybody does not have capital of mutual short-term loan money, still pass chamber of commerce assure company, settled a pressing need finally. " at present, as national finance of policy of macroscopical adjusting control execute, a few in small fastener business encounters difficult problem of capital of have enough to meet need because of loan difficulty. Face industry difficult problem, Sea saltXin Chengxin fastener carries the measure that defends limited company to execute storehouse odd impawn, in show one's skill of enterprise jeopardy hour, in be, young member company resolved the worry with assure financing, difficult.
Current, Sea saltExceed strongStandard componentOf limited company product line leaves sufficient horsepower, did not reduce production because of capital problem. Zhao Jiangen of company general manager says, before two years, financial department supports exit very much, wanted to signed a contract to be able to borrow money with foreign company only, put in capital problem far from. Below such environment, the company develops an international market ceaselessly, foreign order is increasing. Produce to expand can, the company was building new factory building at town investment 2006, when investment was used in June 2007, as it happens comes up against macroscopical adjusting control. Fixed assets mortgages loan can keep the production of former company only, expand produce can circulating fund pressure is too great, only support contract has gotten the bank borrowed money very hard, zhao Jiangen immediately can find no way out, also begin savor of the bank " miserly " .
Came this year in March in May, in these 3 months raw material rose fully 40% , the raw material of every tons of screw cap is the most rising went to 6900 yuan, but the bill of a few foreign trade of the company came early to had been received in March in Feburary. If be not done by monadlist, the credence of the enterprise can sell at a discount greatly, can break the relation of as old as abroad client even, if continue to produce according to monadlist, need a large sum of circulating fund is used buy raw material, right now the enterprise is faced with " life and death is chosen " . Respecting at this moment, the Shuang Mei that Zhao Jiangen locks up closely was opened, Sea saltXin Chengxin fastener assures limited company to alleviate company circulating fund is not worth, just rolled out business of financing of storehouse odd impawn in May, provide timely help is really for the company to us, successful loan many yuan 650, the company had " going from place to place blood " , coruscate opportunity of survival. Company output keeps stable now, export volume also did not decrease. Predict to be exported this year
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