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Brand of world of hydraulic pressure tool originallies especially Lan Dengliu Ch
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Brand of world of close solid of leader of industry of world bolt close firm, bolt " originally especially orchid " (Torq/Lite) land China formally this year in August. American Torq/Lite company and Pu Retai overcome science and technology to develop (Beijing) limited company is strong strong together, develop Chinese market jointly, this will have the industry of hydraulic pressure tool to China very big stimulative effect.

Does this world brand choose to land China right now to where? Torq/Lite (originally especially orchid) the only strategy partner that is in Chinese area, Pu Retai overcomes science and technology to develop (Beijing) Xiong Li of limited company president expresses: International finance is at present queasy, evidence of western economic depression is clear, only Chinese economy scenery alone good, heavy industry grows change with each passing day, market of hydraulic pressure tool is swift and violent develop, the industry tycoons that give international offerred tremendous market opportunity, march Chinese market is special the inevitable choice of solid orchid company.

As we have learned, american TORQLITE (originally especially orchid) since the company established 1981 oneself, be in by right of its the service with the solution of unique design, innovation, perfect field of hydraulic pressure tool, grow quickly to tighten firm industry for world bolt one of 3 old brands. As the person that the industry precedes, the marketing network of Torq/Lite company spreads all over the whole world, the domain such as machine of the mining that the product uses extensively at world each district, electric power, oil, chemical industry, maritime oil extraction, metallurgy, railroad, shipping, aerospace, heavy industry. Depend on good product quality and service, special the credit that solid orchid company won client of broad high end and recognition. Include among them: BP oil, ConocoPhillips (Kang Fei Petroleum Company) , Exxon/Mobil (dust gram Sen Meifu) Halliburton, inc. (breath out Li Baidu company) , Murphy Exploration & Production (Mo Fei company) , Schlumberger (Silunbei withers) , NOV (national wildcat company) , Weatherford International (Weidefu company of international of oil field equipment) .

Well-known, the industry such as current energy resources, spaceflight, traffic, chemical industry already was become show one country the pillar industry of level of progress of society of actual strength of economic science and technology, economy. The invention that is fastener and application accelerated the development of these industries greatly.

What is fastener? Fastener is namely will two or two above spare parts (or component part) the floorboard of a kind of mechanical part that when the join that tighten solid makes a whole, uses. Wait in all sorts of machinery, equipment, car, shipping, railroad, bridge, building, structure, tool, instrument, appearance and things above, can see sundry fastener. Among them, fastener includes column of bolt, snail, bolt to wait again, it is the mechanical base with most wide application. Disassemble to the close solid of bolt, nut, traditional method is bolt of artificial degree of tightness, nut, rate is low, labor strength is great. Often need hammer to strike a law to kingbolt, cause easily carelessly a bit all round of component and personnel wound. And it is easy that bolt suffers wallop " gnash one's teeth " and " shave tooth " . Because this traditional bolt tightens firm method,cannot have gotten used to the need that economy grows.
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