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Foreign fastener businessman rolls out three-dimensional catalog for the client
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Sherex of riveting nut manufacturer uses TraceParts network technology, rolled out online and three-dimensional interactive catalog. The client can put riveting nut into sealed a place of strategic importance, like be like true installation to finish, download three-dimensional CAD model next, use on blueprint directly.

"Our client asks to use three-dimensional model in the design, " the Jill Caffery of sale chief inspector of Sherex says. "And, the model that they want is the product has installed finished status, is the pattern that buys the product not merely. The most important is, they hope the model can be used at various CAD systems. TraceParts just can satisfy these two kinds of requirement. TraceParts just can satisfy these two kinds of requirement..

Sherex vice-president Adam Pratt says: "Come 30 years, sherex offers heal embolism technology for car and fluid power industry all the time, we promote a product ceaselessly, in order to satisfy the client's requirement. 1989, we obtained Dejond of the Belgian manufacturer that pull a hat to be in the sole agency of North America, cross formally sufficient to industrial fastener domain. Founded to have brand SHEREX oneself again later, the product enlarges cupreous nut etc special fastener. TraceParts helped us strengthen the connection with the client, saved the client's time, compare with traditional paper catalog photograph, it is better that TraceParts can help them make faster design.

Farsighted person Inc. of science and technology, it is the center of the first production that Sherex establishs in Taiwan, basically manage car a replacement. (interpreter: Rose edits: Inzen111)