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[dispatch] fastener divides the Anixter that sell business and buy two fastener
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[dispatch] fastener divides the Anixter that sell business and buy two fastener cent to sell business

The world's lead fastener component sells business to Anixter International Inc 8 announces 4 days month and buy two fastener to divide the QSN that sell business and QSM.

QSN is production of a market, sale at the fastener of an organic whole cent sells business. Headquarters is located in Yilinuosi city, with Chicago photograph adjacent, have 13 branches, spread all over 9 continent of American. QSM headquarters is located in Mexico, have 5 agency. Buy this be helpful for Anixter outspread product line, for OEM perpendicular market is offerred appreciation serves and implementation supplies catenary government.

Buy this, anixter needs to pay near 80 million dollars cash, assume the liability of these two companies. And the whole of two companies year turnover predicts to exceed 100 million dollars this year.

To be being bought this, the president Bob Eck of Anixter expresses " buy this promoted existing structure, QSM is located in Mexico, its geography advantage is supplied for North America OEM added important weight, in the meantime, the productivity of QSN, anixter of OK and sufficient safeguard satisfies the requirement of those clients that pay attention to time. " (interpreter: Rose, editor: Inzen111)