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Company of heart state apparatus rolls out new-style LFRFID label
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Texas Instruments (company of heart state apparatus) announced recently, range of products adds the LF of the company two breed: Label of Wedge of 12 Mm multipurpose and chip of 24 Mm LF Circular. Label of Wedge of 12 Mm multipurpose undertakes improvement to the circuit of chip, make its can be installed directly it is above metallic surface. Chip of 24 Mm LF Circular uses a company to be in the harmonious method of patent application, make chip is in of harsh environment read write accuracy to rise. Produce an environment in litter management and industry for example.

Although 134.2 KHz low frequency (LF) RFID technology from on 80 time later period has begun the century the identifying that is used at all sorts of article, arrive from cattle car component, but the new uses requirement label property that appears ceaselessly gets rising further. Be in for example metallic surface and harsh industrial environment.

A variety of RFID patent technologies that two kinds of afore-mentioned label include company having TI and character innovate, like half duplex operation (HDX) radio corresponds. Technology of half duplex operation and full duplex operation (FDX) LF technology is read quite take a distance to be able to rise 50% , radio signal is stronger also. Because HDX is read,take implement lie during HDX label is respondent close position. Such HDX are read take implement can center energy to receive signal, read quite with full duplex operation so take accuracy taller. In FDX system, read take implement still be in send radio signal, reading so radio signal happens to violate a condition likely when taking FDX label. The another characteristic of HDX is to be able to eliminate frequency drift, so the label of company of heart state apparatus has stronger interference rejection capacity, read take implement efficiency is taller, can in label concentrated environment works effectively.

The LF HDX technology to TI company has Gerald Dittrich of head of department of research and development of company of technology of German Brooks automation personal experience, he says: "The work environment of our client is very harsh, so they need TI ' the LF HDX technology of the company, because it can be offerred,read exceedingly goodly keep property. The MUSA of TI company (multipurpose) label can cash this kind is affirmatory. We discover this kind of label not only impulse withstand, and when ferrule condition is used performance is superior. And when ferrule condition is used performance is superior..

The new label of TI company is used technically at harsh environment, if litter manages medium container to dog, car identifying and entrance guard management, still high metal environment is like production of engine oil filter, smeary broach, tool to wait. This kind of label also can be used at carbon fiber product, for example the component management of spaceflight, car, bicycle, can bear the high temperature condition that produces a course.

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