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Need and need develop year money signs up for indication net profit to amount to
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Need and need develop year money signs up for indication net profit to amount to 15.4 billion dollar

The world is the greatest mining industry company needs and need develop company publishs money newspaper 18 days to say, on money year (up to this year on June 30) profit of company net profit is achieved record-breaking level.

Money newspaper shows, because took the advantage of the chance that commodity price violent wind raises to raise yield considerably, need first half of the year and need profit of develop company net profit reachs 15.4 billion dollar (add up to every about 275. 3 cent) , increased 15 % before comparing one year.

Among them main gain comes from its oil and iron ore business. Nevertheless, the 15.9 billion dollar that its net profit still predicts under analyst slightly.

This company made a statement that day say, the raw material demand of rising market still very driving, predict from will for a long time look, raw material price will maintain growth momentum. But this company also admits, from the point of the near future global economy is added fast will put delay somewhat, will affect its product requirement thereby.

This year Feburary, need and need develop company to the whole world company of develop of force of tycoon of another mining industry is given out change buy want to make an appointment with, by the market prise at that time computation restrains 147 billion dollar. By May, need and need develop submits application formally to European Union committee, hope its buy force develop trade can examine through the antitrust of the European Union.

If should trade,be able to finish, the company after incorporating will hold market of global iron ore the portion of nearly 38 % , accordingly this is bought along with all the others trade caused people to taste the market to international mineral products, especially iron ore market too of concentration be anxious. (editor: INzen111)