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Because nut gasket falls off,Japanese investigation calls Hua Hang plane explosi
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Because nut gasket falls off,Japanese investigation calls Hua Hang plane explosion is be caused by

Tokyo of China News Service on August 29 report, the China airline plane that Japan ground transportation saves board of inquiry of aviation railroad accident to was in Naha airport to happen last year in August produced incident of on fire explosion to submit findings report. The report thinks, of this accident " culprit " the nut gasket that is volume of a currency of 5 yuan of day. The desquamation of this gasket is probable it is China airline the maintenance work be caused by to the plane.

Integrated here message, because the plane that produces an accident assists the screw of wing to fall off cause leak of fuel box damaged, fuel, caused explosion finally. The gasket that the reason that screw falls off is volume of a currency of 5 yuan of day " disappear without trace " . As to washerbed down the livestock when to disappear, become the focal issue that investigates this.

Board of inquiry points out, (One) China airline ever was opposite before the accident produces a month the plane has undertaken maintaining operation, include to twist discharge among them the nut on the screw that causes an accident in the future; (2) " disappear without trace " the examination that having maintaining operation however around the fuel case that finds screw is not discovered washerbed down the livestock near the mouth; (3) the gasket that find is not new product.

This committee is based on above to was judged at 3 o'clock, the gasket that produces a problem is probable either work in maintenance however in stage of production damage sufferred in the process. To this, china airline approbatory ever undertook maintaining operation to the plane truly, but emphasize " all exercise are comply with manual those who undertake " , because exercise creates the view of damaged of washerbed down the livestock,do not agree with.

Day square board of inquiry also expresses, because the nut of fixed screw is very small, fall off very easily without washerbed down the livestock. For this, the plane nut construction that company of Boeing of plane manufacturer United States produces to the new student since this month undertook with raising its safety guarantees performance redesigning. Accordingly, while day just is continueing to undertake investigating with respect to accident reason, the problem that also can exist on plane design undertakes discussing. Editor: Inzen111