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Korea develops new car spare parts " chassis horn module "
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Below the support of Korea government, manufacturer of component of a few cars and a research organization developed Korea jointly a few days ago component of a kind of crucial batholith. This component is by September roll out formally, already attracted value now the order of 1.4 billion dollar.

This kind is called " chassis horn module " the last a period of time of research and development of the component 4 years, the project is learned by Korea car technology, 10 thousand the company limited manages company and industry of big round steel, ministry of Korea industry resource is its transfer 8.2 billion Han Yuan's science and technology develops fund.

According to introducing, manufacturer of a few main cars already prepared the whole world in its part of this kind of batholith uses on new car.

Remarks: Chassis horn module is to will control sexual brake system and pensile system compositive to a module.

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