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The European Union defers two develop time of amalgamative give an official
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Integrated dispatches from foreign news agency reported on September 3, european committee member already was deferred give an official needs and need develop is opposite of force develop buy examine, obtain not completely because of the data that its asked on August 13.

Need and need develop spokesman Ruban Yogarajah says its believe European Union Executive Board can pass amalgamative application finally, state defer of give an official is the normal act in examining a process, need and need develop is cooperating to offer place to require a data.

Europe appoint can express " once obtain a data, will determine new date of expiration " .

Before need and needing develop gives out formal contest to buy a document to partner, its must obtain Europe, Australia and other area to superintend sectional approval above all; Need and need pictures ever stated its expectation can obtain whole written reply to a subordinate body before the end of the year this year.

Force develop rejects to publish a comment with respect to the statement of the European Union, nevertheless one spokesman points out this company already showed his also will to examine offer any place to want information.

Iron ore is anxious

Force develop and need and needing develop parts is the whole world the 2nd produce business with the 3rd big iron ore greatly, be next to company of river valley of Brazilian fresh water; The company after incorporating will dominate the whole world the commerce of maritime iron ore of 1/3 above. In aluminous net copyright

Europe appoint can incorporate to two develop on July 4 the thorough investigation that launched the 2nd phase, gave out an abecedarian to be anxious to state. "Amalgamative and anxious basically come from iron ore, coal, uranous, aluminium and mine sanded market, because its will be brought about,rise in price, the client chooses to decrease " .

As a result of the driving demand that Chinese infrastructure expands, this year iron ore a year period contract price rose nearly one times almost.

Australian antitrust branch ever expressed on August 22, two develop are amalgamative will cause conflict of iron ore competition, other commodity won't appear this kind of phenomenon.

Be as long as in of 9 pages " the topic for discussion states " in, australian competition and consumptive committee emphasized incorporating the effect that causes to iron ore commerce, produce business to Australian iron and steel especially; But state pair of copper, gold, uranous, bauxite or alumina won't have too big effect.

This committee will announce his on October 1 two develop are amalgamative examine a result. (editor: Inzen111)