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The United States releases rectangular to Chinese thin wall steel tube double tu
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Chinese Department of Commerce releases a message to say, beautiful Department of Commerce (Doc) is in " confederative age issue " on release pair of China to be defeated by steel tube of United States Bao Biju form return do all one canAnnulAnd turn over allowance duty to make, this is case of afterwards standard steel tube later, the United States is collected the 2nd times to my product oppose allowance tax, tax rate is 2.17%-200.58% .

Return do all one can thisAnnulTurning over allowance duty to make is to be based on Doc to be opposite this record collapseAnnulCut into parts eventually with the affirmative sex of subsidy portion and American borderCommerceCommittee (Itc) is cut into parts eventually to damaging affirmative sex of the part make. On June 24, 2008, doc is rectangular to my thinness wall steel tube returns do all one canAnnulAnd turn over filling joint and investigation case make affirmative sex be cut into parts eventually, product of China of ruling experience case is put in bendAnnulWith allowance. On July 28, itc make affirmative sex be cut into parts eventually to this case, the industry inside ruling United States is damaged by essence.