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American Department of Commerce urges newest adjudication kill to originating in
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According to latest news, american Department of Commerce already announcedShanghai(of Bao Saile fastenerShanghai) the steel of limited companyHammerNonexistent bendAnnul, did not damage value of its home market completely.

This year on January 31, american Department of Commerce originates in the steel of China and A couplet chief of a tribe formerlyHammerReturn do all one canAnnulCase make do all one canAnnulCut into parts first. Maintain the steel that originates in China formerlyHammerWith be in the United States under the price of normal valueAnnulCarry out, according to the outcome is being decided first, ShanghaiTax rate of limited company of Bao Saile fastener is 4.7% , suzhou is promoted inferiorHammerLimited company tax rate is course of study 44.57% , other company increases advantageous position average tax rate is 19.12% , countrywide top tax rate is 118.04% .

But American Department of Commerce adjudicates on finally, from a few steel that China importsHammerThe price is head and shoulders above market price case, and, be located in Yilinuosi the product of Bao Saile company of the city is primary bend of nonexistent lowAnnul. This is meant will collect to Bao Saile company no longer return do all one canAnnulCustom duty.

Mark Boutelle of Bao Saile general manager expresses in statement: "From at the beginning, we hold to fair value all the time, past is now also be. Our manufacturing base spreads all over the United States and whole world, the product is all ready, the service is considerate, price justice, quality is good. Quality is good..

Bao Saile is dividedAnnulBusiness Troy Lamb states the adjudication of Department of Commerce may make Baosaile reduces steelHammerThe price, but should waitBeijingAfter the Olympic Games ends.

Lamb says: "The main factor that affects the price at present is the price of rolled steel. We emphasize Baosaile doing not have bend all the timeAnnul, main problem is rolled steel price rise. China grows continuously to the demand of rolled steel, but one part product or very be in short supply. The Olympic Games closed business of one part iron and steel during the meeting. Because do not have production, one part
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