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Domestic company answers Canada actively double to China aluminium profile turn
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"Exit of aluminous now profile is not easy, canada has very great market potential, we won't abandon easily. " " the Canada that gets attention fully returns do all one can to Chinese aluminous profileAnnulTurn over filling joint and investigate already at official a few days ago put on record, firm beauty, wide inferior wait for enterprise of aluminous profile of many 30 Fosan to be faced with be collected high specified number returns do all one canAnnul, the danger that turns over allowance custom duty. Bureau of trade of the classics outside occupying Fosan town discloses, considering Canada is one of main markets that Fosan aluminous profile exports, and have very great market potential, experience record company is preparing to should appeal to at present.

The expert thinks, press before experience, return do all one can thisAnnulTurn over filling joint and investigate case, it is relatively difficult to strive for market economy position, but the company should accuse organic meeting achieves inferior tax rate actively.

The problem that face: Should accuse time has 37 days only

"The main problem that faces now is time too close, the incident that should accuse the enterprise wants to do is very multifarious however, more demanding " , on August 21, suffer invite attend should appeal to groom the expert of give a lecture of the meetingBeijingAnalysis of Lei of king of solicitor of office of Gao Peng's attorney says, from 18 days of Canada aluminium profile returns do all one canAnnul, turn over filling joint and investigate official put on record, to September 24, xiang Jiafang submits the exam paper of investigation, have time of 37 days only.

Wang Lei introduces, filling questionnaire is the crucial step that should appeal to, if the enterprise does not fill in investigation questionnaire inside the time in the regulation, mean the opportunity that abandons should appealing to, the content that more important is exam paper and data will be to rule in the future the important basis of tax rate.

"The content that investigates questionnaire is very much, professional stronger, questionnaire fills in, the enterprise should be finished below professional personage guidance " , wang Lei suggests, "When filling in, should undertake to relevant data reasonable technical processing, let an enterprise hold vantage ground " .

Enterprise sound: Market potential does not abandon easily greatly

Aluminous profile industry is one of pillar industries of Fosan, at present greatly small company has many 200, exit is industry of Fosan aluminous profile is mainAnnulCarry out means. Exit of industry of Fosan aluminous profile measures the 40% above that take the throughout the country,
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