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Court of Canadian international trade turns over a dumping to turn over allowanc
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On August 27, 2008, canadian internationalCommerceThe court returns do all one can with respect to canal of carbolic steel welding lineAnnulTurn over allowance investigation to make final ruling, the ruling is originated in formerly or the canal of exit carbolic steel welding line from China is caused to Canadian country industry damage. Any interests that suffer this ruling effect square but on October 6 forward internationalCommerceThe court offers written application, the requirement undertakes public interest is investigated.

On January 24, 2008, canadian border land serves arrange (Cbsa) undertake formally returning do all one can to put on record of canal of carbolic steel welding lineAnnulAnd turn over filling joint and investigate. On July 21, cbsa make cut into parts eventually, product of cognizance experience case is put in bendAnnulWith allowance.