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Because 1000 enterprises are energy-saving did not amount to mark to ban batch o
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After each province hands over exam paper of energy-saving 2007 assessment, hold Chinese cost can energy-saving responsibility assessed 1000 enterprises of 1/3 to also have a result.

On September 3, national development and reform committee (next weighing " national hair changes appoint " ) announced formally external energy-saving target responsibility evaluated 1000 companies 2007 assessment result.

Except occupy the 74 assessment eventuate of 7.8% outside unfinished social estate, china joined 953 companies that energy-saving target assesses 2007, 391 assessment eventuate overfulfils grade, occupy 41% ; 456 assessment eventuate finishs order and degree, occupy 47.8% ; 32 assessment eventuate finishs order and degree basically, occupy 3.4% .

Although already finished the energy-saving job of three, but national hair changes appoint do not show relaxed, include to rectify and reform the person that did not amount to mark to ban batch of new projects, fixed assets to invest a project to undertake " can judge " inside all sorts of measure, still lock up be in surely " double tall " enterprise.

Energy-saving task is finished 1/3 strong

This assessment comes from a when began 2006 energy-saving action.

Begin from 2006, the country is in about the branch the nine key bad news such as steely, electric power, chemical industry, coal, coloured can the industry is begun " 1000 enterprises are energy-saving the action " . The purpose is to 2010, these 1000 enterprises strive for implementation energy-saving 100 million tons of standard coal of the left and right sides.

"30% what 1000 companies cost can hold countrywide energy consumption. " on September 4, national hair changes appoint annulus endowment manages Lv Wenbin of spare part section chief explains to our newspaper reporter, 1000 chosen levels are, year energy consumption is in of coal of 180 thousand tons of standards " high cost can, tall pollution " enterprise. So, "Capture " this nearly 1/3 energy consumption, held the China that finish's energy-saving key.

This also can see from the data that publishs finally, 2007, these 1000 enterprises realized energy-saving capacity coal of 38.17 million tons of standard.

"By at present national division ability is spent, should hopeful finishs ideal. " from had finished the energy-saving task of 1/3 to look at present, national hair changes appoint Jiang Kejuan of researcher of place of the sources of energy states the situation is hopeful.

Although from 1000 enterprises energy-saving whole situation looks, most enterprise was finished 2007 the task. But differentiate from area and character, energy-saving pressure still not small.

Reporter discovery, will differentiate by the province, the province of Heibei of heavy industry big province that gives priority to with steely, cement, electric power did not amount to prize industry measure first what the whole nation visits area town each, share 15 businesses half-baked energy-saving target.
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