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Financial storm, chinese fastener is greeted probably participate in globalizati
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By the United States second the financial storm that borrows the crisis to bring is spreading to the whole world quickly, direct in order to export model the abrupt change that how should the Chinese manufacturing industry that give priority to answer wall street happening? Because of,medium and small businesses of part of our country foreland pays close attention to in industry outside need to decrease and face management difficulty, encourage its to upgrade through the industry when casting off predicament, the cry that supports home to make an industry participate in globalization to undertake and be bought to Euramerican enterprise is rising with each passing day also.

   Manufacturing industry is greeted probably participate in globalization best opportunity

On October 13, in " forum of Chinese manufacturing industry was met 2008 " on held small-sized press conference, luo Jun of secretary-general of association of Asian manufacturing industry puts forward, chinese manufacturing industry welcomed the best opportunity that shares globalization probably.

"The quick aggravation of Euramerican finance situation, economy glides badly, economy of this hypostatic to its industry is a major blow, beneficial result of Euramerican in the past production enterprise is favorable, our country manufacturing industry wants implementation to walk out of the strategy that go and buys, often encounter the obstacle of setting of aspect of security of industry of country of the other side, this one circumstance topples in succession in financial storm as a result of Euramerican enterprise now and alleviate; At the same time forehead of our country existing foreign exchange reserve is spent tremendous, the RMB also is in appreciating favorable situation to fall, the enterprise outside going to buy the of great capacity will make an industry form to home strong prop up. " Luo Jun expresses so.

Last year since second half of the year, ocean the other shore second one billow crosses the bow wave that borrows the crisis high one billow, euramerican manufacturing industry is reduced in purchasing power of financial environment aggravation, high oil price, common people, below the influence of multiple and adverse element that economy glides, encountered unprecedented difficulty, finance serves as economy " blood " , cannot flow normally, these negative effects are permeated to hypostatic economy by fictitious economy, bring about more and more Euramerican enterprises finally to topple in the crisis.

  American banking crisis erupts can promote Chinese industry to upgrade

Luo Jun thinks, china's huge foreign exchange reserve and good economic foundation, and the national policy of the diplomatic strategy that holds to hide one's capacities and bide one's time and reforming and opening, develop those who ensure Chinese economic situation continues to keep dovish momentum, the tremendous concussion of economy of every time whole world, it is certain industry reshuffle. The outbreak of crisis of banking of this United States, will tell to whole of Chinese manufacturing industry is advantageous, can promote Chinese manufacturing industry to participate in the process of globalization, can promote domestic industry upgrade replacement, can promote Chinese industrialized process.
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