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Fine the fastener that start city is exported " the volume rises valence to go u
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"Must change fastener to export a company as soon as possible ' medicinal powder, small, low ' state. " Jia Xinghai closes concerned personage to think, although exit of sea salt fastener had great progress, but return existence enterprise dimensions to slant district of low, exit centers content of technology of small, product easy cause trade friction to wait for development hidden trouble. Develop the product of high additional cost such as fastener of car high strenth actively only, ability promotes fine the market competition ability that begins fastener. In view of our city majority fastener company actual strength is finite, small company can be adopted with large company collaboration or integrated implementation lend force development; Concerned branch also should limit the export of fastener of low administrative levels further, guide an enterprise to enhance integrated competition ability through improving technology and service. Editor: Inzen

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