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Preparatory work of congress of communication of association of 5 district faste
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The association of 5 district fastener that comes from chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea was about to be in Chinese Hangzhou to hold communication plenary meeting on October 28 on behalf of nearly 200 people; It is reported, each preparatory job of congress is being begun smoothly in. This second congress, chinese screw net serves as only network media to report whole journey congress spectacular event.

Because this second communication congress is held in China, secretariat of society of major of fastener of association of general component industry assumed Chinese machinery to prepare specific arrangements of the job, the content of congress includes: PTC of 27 days of visiting Shanghai spreads out act; Visit Hangzhou to day sends standard component company and be attended a meeting by fete of day hair company afternoon delegate; New east of 28 days of visiting sea salt and fastener of sea salt international city, answer Hangzhou desolate hill to hold communication plenary meeting afternoon, in the evening by sponsor unit fete representing attending the meeting to wait; This second congress will " rolled steel and fastener " as the theme, the leader that home includes the unit such as Bao Gang, Ma Gang, Xing Gang will do a theme to make a speech.

In the meantime, congress returns put up with to communicated the place of congress to undertake conference of 5 district chairman discusses a decision 2009; The congress of communication of association of 5 district fastener last year is the Osaka that is in Japan is held, the year before last year is the boiler hill in Korea is held. Chinese screw net attended the meeting as specially invite media.

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