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Because operate error worker to be pressed in cement agitate canister by several
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Because operate error worker to be pressed in cement agitate canister by several tons of screw

19 days morning, chang'an black sanded Zhen Longlu before door of commercial firm of fittings of models of 3 a hydraulic pressure, one worker is when discharging, because the driver operates error, the screw that is hefted several tons is pressed in cement agitate canister. Arrive from 8 o'clock inside 3 hours 11 o'clock, firemen carries rift on the head in the canister near this worker a scuttle, draw out the countless iron screw that is pressed on his body, open a channel that saves life, the worker is able to be rescued, hinder greatly via checking of short duration to not have.

Accident car is new the returns future to must reach devoted job cement that get offline carries a car. The driver is in road sending a car to earn some of extra income, screw of compasses incidentally canful is violated in the iron jar that uses for agitate cement originally. When the goods that the worker will arrive at very in coal tub is drawn out, driver operation sends roll of can without lid carelessly, worker immediately inside can without lid of be involved in, by collapse from far and near the screw that come down is pinned, cannot move.

19 days morning 8 when make, after yellow doctor of family of emergency treatment of Chang'an black sanded hospital receives an instruction, when be being used only 3 minutes hurry to accident place. "We discover the person is buried inside, he cannot see at all outside. 3 people of I and driver, nurse walk to cement canister top, want to draw out the screw inside. " after the person such as Doctor Huang drew out dichotomy bell, the decision is hit 119 to ask for help of fire control branch, "Screw is too much, and construction is complex inside jar, if wait for us to draw out screw, perhaps the person dies early inside. Perhaps the person dies early inside..

When sanded element hurries to the spot on Chang'an fire department, be about 8 when 20 minutes, "When we just arrived, try to pull Chen Jian of the worker that be pressed from discharging mouth, but his back has the screw that hefts a few tons to be being pressed, if be pulled forcedly,cause altitude likely other screw straining causes more severe loss. " Chang'an fire control is surnamed deserted the monitor says, their altogether group came 24 fireman, they decide from iron canister coping -- , rely on Chen Jian to suffer strand recent area, rift a cut, again from above carry away screw, open a channel, rescue Chen Jian from this cut. Crises, after the person that spot of this plan classics is rescued is simple and consultative, think consistently feasible. 8 when 40 minutes, fireman people park a small freight car beside cement car to regard as closely rescue platform. Very fast, metallic cut machine is cut on iron canister give a bundle bundle of spark.

   3 hours rescue the person
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