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Component of our country car is own predicament of research and development is u
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"On the Frankfurt international car that just ended in September and component exposition, produced technology of a lot of pairs of our country to borrowed the thing of punish. " join the Xu Benguang of assistant of Ruiliji's round president that can return to greatly feeling ground says, "Pass this exposition, letting a lot of component enterprises see own research and development is the way that wants necessarily. Letting a lot of component enterprises see own research and development is the way that wants necessarily..

According to statistic, the average investment of foreign component industry is truckload the 1.2 ~ of the enterprise 1.5 times, and our country's current condition is under 0.3, apparent under international average level; Personnel of research and development of our country business holds total worker proportion for 2.5% , transnational corporation is in 10% above.

So, be in " own research and development " already under the cry of as one falls, why didn't component enterprise throw enough research and development, long-term since their body manages what kind of dilemma.

Market of form a complete set is lacked " own " demand

As we have learned, research and development of domestic component business basically distributes a share, it is to be truckload form a complete set has product research and development, 2 it is the research and development that has completely for new technology, new product.

"Current, luck establishs devoted research and development to basically be centered in for home truckload factory form a complete set, in truckload the proper motion inside the space that the factory gives is improved and promote, the new product of research and development on complete meaning and new technology are very few still. " Xu Benguang says to this print journalist. Serving as the luck of civilian battalion enterprise to stand is truckload form a complete set, circulation market and exit " 33 make " operational component 100 strong companies.

According to reporter understanding, in the developed country, the ability of research and development of car component enterprise is banner already at truckload enterprise, the development of a new car, the intellectual property of 70% belongs to car component enterprise, and enterprise of component of our country great majority does not have a product to develop ability, product development basically suits truckload the requirement of form a complete set of the factory.

"Our country mainstream is truckload the enterprise is given priority to with introducing a technology, this kind external of square technology depend on the market demand that makes component does not have own research and development at all, enterprise of form a complete set of mainframe business demand is had be modelled on ability, most requirement enterprise has experiment, ego attestation and improve design ability, from ' own ' very far. " Chinese car project learns Yan Jian of component ministry minister to tell a reporter.
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