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Screws from a hardware perspective of Industrial Development in China
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All along, China's domestic hardware companies generally smaller, while the hardware business in our hardware-based products to OEM, and metal product design and brand development is almost monopolized by foreign companies. China Hardware business with the United States of the hardware business, whether in size, products, technical level, has a larger gap. China's hardware industry wants bigger, stronger, to be successful in the hardware business overseas learning achieved by Experience. After several years of development, domestic hardware companies have come to realize the importance of the product, keep the focus to the development of enterprise product development and brand development aspects of the transfer, has also made considerable progress . Longgang, Shenzhen, Guangzhou Industry Hardware Factory Manager, Mr. Zhanxiong Wei said in an interview with the author, in the future, we should intensify their products do and do their own brands, in order to change the traditional OEM-oriented industry structure. Longgang, Shenzhen, Guangzhou industry hardware factory was founded in 1995, is a company with ten years in the States, non-standard fasteners, hardware parts of the professional manufacturers. With Japan, West Germany, Taiwan, beginning with the most advanced cold heading machine and thread rolling Machine, cut tail machine, CNC universal automatic spring machine, slot machine and tool and die cutting, machine tools, lathes, presses, washing bed. Zhanjing Li said, they are a professional manufacturer of all kinds (of stainless steel, copper, iron, aluminum) precision machine screws, tapping screws, triangle nails, wood screws, wing screws, carriage screws, special screw; bolt, rivet Nails, rivets, toy axles, bent shaft, shaped shaft; ordinary nuts, pine nuts, non-slip nuts, cap nuts, four claw nut, square nut, wing nut,; washers, rings, elastic washer, outside Tooth washer, the Tooth washers, special washers, clasp; pressure springs, torsion springs, tension springs, special springs and other metal buckle non-standard parts, stamping parts, turning parts of the enterprise. Service customer base is mainly household appliances, office electricity , Toys, appliances, furniture, electric bicycles, scooters, skates, sports equipment, luggage and electronic instruments, such as class machinery manufacturing industries. Mentioned entrepreneurial experience, Zhanjing Li said, at first mostly to do hardware business, with some accumulation in the business, buy a few lathe run from the hardware plant. To the early nineties of last century, hardware production and management Has taken shape gradually developed into hardware products dealers. However, when the production and distribution of almost all the screws, nuts. These hardware devices are small mechanical parts, making simple and inexpensive. Is so some small screws, nuts, so he This fortune. Soon, wide hardware products into the hardware industry throughout the country specialized in auto parts and agricultural markets, reputation reputations. A few years later, they began to plant its focus from the original screws, nuts and other humble "little things", the ship machinery parts and other "big guy" change.