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"Little screw" pry open the EU trade protection "big gate"
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Central fastener battle to end in favor of China. World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled last Friday, the European Union on China's steel fasteners (such as screws and bolts) the practice of imposing anti-dumping duties, in violation of WTO regulations. This is the international trade litigation in the WTO against the EU's first victory. "This means that the appeal as the representative of Jiaxing enterprise team, WTO dispute settlement procedures in the search for more than a year after the final victory. Once the door closed EU market will re-open." Municipality Deputy Director Zhang shape Fang said. Expert Group on the World Trade Organization, local time on December 3 ruling released the report. Reported that the EU "anti-dumping basic regulations" relevant "individual tax rate" is inconsistent with WTO rules, and that whether the European Union on Chinese goods than the domestic cost of improper calculation of price dumping. WTO that the EU imports of Chinese fasteners for the implementation of measures and anti-dumping duties against China's relevant regulations should have the right to adjust the proposed EU regulations in accordance with WTO rules. The WTO, the EU officials described the decision as "a major failure of the EU." Recognized by the EU to compensate for their acts of unfair competition, had steel fasteners imported from China (worth 575 million euros) imposed a five-year tariffs, which involved 760 million U.S. dollars the country, involving 97 million U.S. dollars in our city, involving the city Fasteners 90 production and trade enterprises. The face of a clear violation of WTO rules the European Commission and the EU anti-dumping law practice, the city Fasteners Association Municipality of support and guidance, the letter called on the Ministry of Commerce, the Chinese Government in negotiations with the EU at the same time increasing, the use of WTO dispute settlement mechanism to regulate the Commission's investigative procedures, the European Commission to stop the abuse of anti-dumping rules. Under the impetus of the Association, July 31, 2009, the Chinese government sent a letter through the Permanent Delegation of the European Union WTO WTO Permanent Mission to the EU on China fasteners filed anti-dumping measures taken by WTO dispute settlement mechanism under the request for consultations, official launch of WTO dispute settlement procedures. October 23 the same year, WTO Dispute Settlement Body established a formal group of experts the case. August 10, 2010, WTO Panel issued interim report, I found the EU to impose anti-dumping duty steel fasteners illegal, WTO Panel on China, the European Union also condemned the screws and bolts unfair anti-dumping duties imposed. British "Financial Times" said the ruling strengthened between China and the WTO and other international organizations to enhance access strategy. Ministry of Commerce, welcomed the ruling. But the EU trade commissioner, Karel de Gucht (Karel De Gucht) spokesman John Clancy (John Clancy), said the ruling was "the success of co-existence." He acknowledged that this approach was convicted of EU law inconsistent with the trade, but pointed out that both parties appeal. Municipality Fair Trade at the person in charge of both sides and 60-day appeal period, if the EU is still the appeal fails, it will have to change tariffs on China-related imports, and its anti-dumping tariffs on China "rhetoric "will also be untenable. The official said, WTO's ruling would force the EU anti-dumping duties reconsider its policy, is expected to rewrite the EU's tariff policy for the future to deal with such cases to provide reference and standards.